• Final Night's Newscasts

  • Two Nights of Farewells

  • This Week On Air

  • Some of my work from November 27 - December 1.

  • Go here for prior weeks.

  • Mason City Candidate Forum

  • Election 2016

  • Eye on Politics

  • A weekly special meant to provide headlines and analysis political watchers won't get from the typical sources.

  • 2016 Iowa Caucuses

  • I produced and anchored our team coverage of the Iowa Caucuses on location in Des Moines.  This is a compilation of that coverage, including live shots done in every newscast over a 26-hour period.

  • #trendingat10

  • My former co-anchor and I developed this segment to present some of the stories that don't fit into the typical first block.  We also wanted to give viewers a franchise to look forward to each night.

  • On Location

  • Examples of anchoring on location at events like fairs and RAGBRAI.

  • Reporting

  • I don't always report, but when I do, I use creative standups and person-centered storytelling.

  • Standup / Live / Writing montage :00 - 2:00

    Live shots 2:00 - 5:23

    Special reports 5:23 - 51:47

    Features 51:47 - 1:04:31

    Daily turn 1:04:31 - end

  • At The Desk

  • Hard news, features, anchor interaction.  All at the desk.

  • Hard news at 0:00, 2:10, 5:05, 7:40, 10:57

    Features at 2:36, 11:51

    Anchor interaction at 1:47, 6:18, 9:46, 12:26

    Dealing with technical difficulties at 7:08, 10:24

  • Winter Dance Party

  • We spent two newscasts at the Winter Dance Party, a big annual event in Clear Lake.  This is a compilation of those live shots.

  • Political Analysis

  • This is a radio interview conducted by Joel Heitkamp at 790 KFGO in Fargo, North Dakota.  He wanted an "on the ground" perspective of the Iowa Caucuses.

  • Prediction about Ted Cruz at 9:15. Prediction about Rand Paul 8:09.  (Cruz won, Paul finished 5th, ahead of Bush, Fiorina, and Kasich.)

  • The five happiest people I have ever met all had this strange little quirk of referring to their jobs as a 'calling.'

    Eric Sevareid
    • Matt, we are from Moorhead. Our son lives in Rochester so when we are here we love seeing a familiar and friendly face. You are the best.

    • I want to thank you for doing all that you had done because I do believe without your help I would not be writing this to you today. That's the power of Tv and the great work that you had done making it all work...

    • It was nice to see a familiar face on our trip to the Mayo clinic. We are from Oakes ND and my husband recognized you.

    • Matt is obviously a kind and
      caring individual with a good sense of humor. I've witnessed several
      occasions when his quick wit and positive comments have turned a bad
      situation into a good one.